You are a purpose-driven leader. You want to maximise your team's impact.

I am a purpose-partner. I can help you bring your diverse team together to achieve your ambitious goals.

Together, we can serve the greater good.

I am a positive psychology coach, with a corporate background and a good grasp of business and organisational challenges. I coach leaders, future leaders, and teams to use their leadership role to make a powerful, positive impact in their organisations or communities. 

I equip clients with practical, evidence-based strategies that are based on psychological insights to perform at their best. A vital part of that is providing a structure to define or refine their collective purpose, learn how to communicate effectively, and to build authentic relationships

The end result? Collaborating more effectively! Which is essential to dealing with complexity and uncertainty…and a hybrid workplace. 

Leadership is a relationship.

With the right support you can elevate how you interact with others and have the kind of impact that your mission requires.  

Improving how your group or team performs starts with nurturing personal connections within the group and creating a culture of trust and openness. 

When you are the leader of a team it can be difficult to hold both caring for the team members and keeping the team aligned and fixed on the mission at the same time.  

The good news is that you don’t have to do it all by yourself. There is a collective wisdom and collaborative potential in your team that you can tap into. And I can help you to do just that

Socially conscious leaders and diverse teams work in organisations of different shapes and sizes

Leaders & Future Leaders

I help leaders and future leaders to navigate the challenges of modern organisations and to bring out the best in others.

Socially Responsible Businesses

I work with teams in businesses of all sizes to improve the quality of their results and  develop inclusive, thriving teams so the real work can get done…better.

Charities & Non-profits

From small teams in charities to leadership teams in schools and larger non-profits, I support your leadership development to maximise your impact in the world.

Interested to see how we could work together to help you make a difference? 

I consider the time I have spent with Sohini as a very positive experience. Sohini is a skilled practitioner and she helped me focus and work my way through significant issues as I adjusted to a new leadership position in a new organisation. In addition I found Sohini to be a calm, considered and caring person which undoubtedly helped me to quickly establish a good working relationship with her.

RH, Chief Executive

United Kingdom

I approached Sohini to help me through my first opportunity to lead a team in my new organization. I was anxious about how I'd perform as a leader and as a project manager. I was struck by how intently she listened to my fears and through targeted questions and observations helped me devise the answers I needed for myself! Sohini leads with wisdom, empathy and is an incredible listener. It's a powerful combination in a coach and anyone interacting with her professionally will be left wiser and more empowered.

AL, Advocacy and Campaign Manager

South Africa

I started a course of coaching sessions with Sohini whilst deep in the realms of the Covid Pandemic. The focus was primarily on work related issues at the start but as well as being under a lot of pressure at work I was also having a hard and stressful home life too. Within the first session I felt that Sohini understood me and my perspective. I looked forward to our sessions and throughout the course Sohini was supportive and non-judgemental motivating me to continue to meet the challenges I was facing at the time.

Sohini was able to give me specific tools to manage particular situations or enable me to reflect on my decisions and actions in a way that I didn’t always recognise. We explored topics of my choosing and Sohini skilfully guided me back on track or more directly to the pertinent issues. This not only helped me to manage better at the time it improved my confidence in my own skills and judgment going forward. The advice or guidance was always in a way that reflected my own and organisational values.

I also appreciated that at each session Sohini set the scene to giving me the time and head space to get the most from the sessions. I found the experience extremely positive and am really grateful for been given the opportunity to have coaching with Sohini.

LM, Lead Nurse

United Kingdom

She has helped me discover and enhance my strengths and values. Thanks to that I have reset my life goals according to those learnings and I feel that I have a much more clear direction in my life and business. She is very easy to talk to, kind, patient and a great listener. She always gives me an alternative point of view and helps me to get another perspective to my current situation. Also she has motivated me to get out of my comfort zone, set up calls with potential mentors and clients, and also guide me on how I can have this conversation in order to get the best and profitable outcome.

DM, Entrepreneur


Sohini’s coaching approach is one of ease. She exudes warmth and has a clarity about her which allowed me to trust and feel supported as I stumbled through the difficult conversations of painful family relationships and trauma which I had long felt completely overwhelmed and suffocated by. I quickly was able to share openly with Sohini without fear of judgement. With respect, compassion and sensitivity, Sohini helped me reframe my experiences in a more constructive way. This allowed me recognise my value and accept the responsibility and choices I have, and no longer felt helpless. Sohini gifted me the skill to connect with and be kind to myself; habits that I continue to apply long after our coaching. I have learnt, and continue to learn, to question things in a different way that no longer holds me hostage to certain patterns, roles and modes of thinking. I am incredibly grateful to Sohini for having coached me on to this path of positivity.

RR, Product Manager

South Africa

What could you and your team achieve with the right coaching support?

If you are committed to improving the way that your team communicates and works, then I am committed to helping you make that happen.