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I work with teams in socially responsible businesses of all sizes to improve the quality of their results and to help them develop inclusive, thriving teams so the real work can get done…better.

Teams is where the real work of organisations get done.

And there is work to be done to learn how to collaborate and communicate effectively in constantly changing dynamics.

It’s not enough for leaders to go on leadership development programmes and undertake individual coaching. How these enhanced skills and new learnings come together and integrated into organisational life, makes all the difference.   

Bringing together people is not always easy. It can be messy. Awkward. Sometimes confrontational. Or just not effective. Regardless of the talent and commitment to the cause or change.    

Group dynamics, ineffective communication, unhelpful behaviours, lack of accountability, or lack of unifying purpose can get in the way of the team living up to its collaborative potential. 

It can create tense or just low energy environments that are difficult or uninspiring to work in.

I support diverse teams to maximise their collaborative impact.

No matter what your skills, experience, and background are, we collaborate best when we feel heard and seen and accepted for who we are. 

A feeling of belonging is a basic psychological need and a necessity for working well together. We thrive when we feel a sense of community with our colleagues. And this pushes us to achieve more individually and together.

Ideally you want your team to have clarity on the team mission. You want them to be confident in the role that each team member plays in the mission. You want each person to bring their unique talents and experience to the common challenge so that the team  as a  collective can amplify their impact. You need them to make space to think and reflect together  beyond the daily demands.  You want the team to work better now…and in to the future. 

Recognise these as challenges in your team?

These are the top reasons organisations commission team coaching:

Unhealthy or dysfunctional relationships within the team

Ineffective or broken ways of working together

Lack of purpose or direction

Newly formed team lacking cohesion or still struggling to galvanise

Issues with team leadership

Lack of communication or ineffective communication

Lack of accountability or interest in common goals 

Find out how team coaching can help your team overcome the unique challenges you face

To maximise team impact

  • Nurture belonging so each team member feels safe to contribute freely
  • Ensure clarity on the collective mission
  • Encourage collective engagement on how to work together
  • Foster an environment that harnesses the collective wisdom of the team
  • Provide equal support and access to opportunities and resources for growth  and development