I love being around people who want to make the world a better place.

People who are changemakers.
People who try new things.
People who explore outside their comfort zone.
People who live with their hearts wide open.
People who are warm and kind and care about others.
People who make the best of things.
People who find purpose in this crazy, messy, unlikely existence.

I create a space for people like you to tap into your best inner resources and raise your leadership game to meet the complex challenges of this world and be an effective leader for these times.


I am Sohini. 

I am a positive psychology leadership and team coach, with a good grasp of business and organisational challenges and what it takes to build high-achieving, purpose-driven teams.

In my various strategic roles in private, public, and third sector, I have found that when you create the conditions for authentic connections between people, connections to meaning and purpose, and connections to the greater collective; it can energise individuals, fuel collaboration, inspire engagement, and spark innovation in an organisation and community.

Meaningful experiences and personal connection can create amazing business, personal,
and social results – and leadership plays a pivotal role in this.

I hold degrees in BSc. in Applied Mathematics & Computer Science, BSc. (Hons) in  Technology and Innovation Management, and MSc. in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology.

I am an EMCC accredited coach and a mental health first aider. 

harikoa is a dream for a world where each person has the opportunity to lead a rich and meaningful life.

harikoa is a dream for a world where each person has a sense of belonging, the ability to pursue their own purpose, and to experience joy!

harikoa is a dream for a world where we appreciate the power and beauty in each other and raise each other up.

How I roll...

My coaching approach is underpinned by an unconditional positive regard and prosociality. I draw from the academic base of positive psychology and mindfulness to take a strengths-based, systemic approach.

My coaching is centred around client values, strengths, social connections, wellbeing, meaning and purpose.

My style is warm, facilitative, and non-directive. I work collaboratively with clients to build a trusting, safe alliance offering empathetic support, candid feedback, challenge, and different perspectives.

In all my work, and in all contexts I show up, I like to think my values shine through. If you are a like-hearted person, I would love to collaborate and work with you.

positive worldview

every person, team and organisation has positive potential

give voice to all

assure inclusivity and celebrate diversity

lead by inquiry

lead with questions, listen exquisitely

compassion & empathy

everyone has a story. everyone has value. everyone has pain.

playful curiosity

learning is fun. experimenting is part of the process


words and actions have impact on people & the wider system


we can achieve far more together


create value beyond the individual

I'm open to opportunities for collaboration and partnership